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What is Gachagon Keep/Gachagon.art?
Gachagon Keep (and Gachagon.art) is a closed species character-based semi-casual art ARPG site, as well as a community of artists and creators! We hope to have our site be fun and interactive for everyone in our community, as well as a place to share your art and character :-) Artists and writers of any skill level are 100% welcome! This website will forever be a heavy work in progress, but we encourage anyone to sign up and participate if they so wish!

What is a 'closed species'?
A "closed species", in most cases, are a group of character designs that exist within the same world and have a standard set of features/traits present on every design that links them together! They have their own universe and lore that's open to roleplay and user input! Closed species, overall, is a very collaborative thing and often a community-driven project! 

It also means that a character from said closed species cannot be made without permission from the owner/a MYO (make-your-own) slot, which in Gachagon Keep, we try to make very easy and almost entirely free to get, tying in with community participation! However, we do not claim to own any of the traits our species has, or any combination of said features on a character design as no closed species are inherently 100% original. 

Do I have to have a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie in order to participate in the group, in-server, or on-site?
No, not at all! We encourage anyone who wants to join to join. It is recommended to have a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie, but not inherently required to participate in anything on-site or in-server!

How do I sign up for the site?
You can register here! To have access to extra features after registration (being able to edit your profile, icon, etc.) you will need to attach a secondary off-site account (like DeviantART, Twitter, etc.)! 

What do I do if my Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie isn't on the Gachagon.art masterlist?
Due to our rocky history (moving from DeviantART/Google docs, ownership change, a lot of masterlist changes, things simply not being added to the DeviantART masterlist so we could add it, etc.) it is possible we may have missed your Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie during our uploading progress. If this is the case, please do not hesitate to contact an Archivist (masterlist managers) or the species owners (information here!) with an image of your character, a sale value if applicable, and we will get it on the masterlist for you!

What is 'group currency', and what is the Gachagon Keep group currency? How do I earn it?
Group currency is currency you can earn in a closed species, typically from events, redeeming artworks, finishing prompts, in events, in raffles, etc. Gachagons use “crayons”! They can be used to buy MYOs, trait items, and even other pre-existing characters! Crayons currently have no real money conversion rate.

Where can I see the the visual trait guide/learn about species lore?
The Gachagon visual trait guide is here, and the Bitling one is here! As for the species lore, a full, written explanation is a work in progress, but we hope to have something up soon!

I'm getting an error message/my image won't show after re-uploading it/my image won't upload/my email verification won’t send/won’t work/sent late/etc. issues.
This could be for a multitude of reasons! Here's a few things that may help:

1. Clearing your cache/hard refreshing. A lot of issues can be resolved with this!

2. Resizing your image to be less than 2000x2000. Images larger than this can cause trouble for the site/not upload at all!

3. When signing up, have GMAIL as your e-mail provider.

4. Check your spam/promotions folder. Email verifications often end up in those folders!

5. If you've found your verification link and it leads to an error screen/'Invalid Signature' screen, request a new verification email! It likely timed out.

If you are still having persistent issues, please reach out to a mod/species owner and we'll try our best to help!

What is art redemption? What are daily prompts?
You can see details for every prompt here, by clicking 'show details' for any you may be interested in, including daily prompts and art redemption!

Can I change my on-site username?
Yes! Please contact a mod/species owner either on-site or on Discord with a link to your profile, the email you used to sign up, and whatever you'd like your new username to be and we will change it for you if it is not already taken!

There is [error] on the masterlist! Something isn't labelled correctly/a trait is wrong/etc.!
Considering the amount of Gachagons/Scribblies/Bitlings on the masterlist, it's certainly a possibility we got something wrong/may have missed something with uploading! If this is the case and you notice, even if it isn't your character, feel free to contact a species owner or a masterlist manager and we will get to it ASAP!

[General site-related question]
Please check here! If your question is not answered here/you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask us in-server or below.


Do Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie MYOs expire?
Unless otherwise stated, no, they do not!

How do I use my MYO slot/submit the finished design for approval?
To use your MYO slot: purchase a slot, recieve it in a trade, raffle, etc. Go to your inventory, click your MYO, check the box that shows up with the pop-up (labelled source) and click "use slot", then open. It will appear as an item under "MYO slots", listed under a tab on your profile! Once you have a finallized design and are ready to submit, find that MYO on the "MYO slots" page, click the button that appears on the bottom left labelled "SUBMIT MYO DESIGN" and go from there! A staff member will then either deny or approve it, and add your Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie to the masterlist!

Are MYOs only available in USD? Can you mix purchase options?
No! You can get them via group currency here, as raffle prizes, during MYO events, as prompt prizes, etc.! MYOs purchased with USD are heavily appreciated, but not necessary! We hope to add a USD shop to the site soon! As for mixing purchase options, yes, but please discuss with a mod beforehand!

Can I sell my character/MYO slot/items for USD? Can I sell my character/MYO slot/trait items for crayons? What increases the USD value of my Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie?
MYO slots/items can only be sold if bought with USD! Your Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie can only be sold for the price of the MYO you bought (if bought with USD) unless they have added value from commissioned artworks! (Commissioned artworks = payed with for real money.) 

Can we have someone else design our MYO Gachagon?
Yes, as long as you properly credit them when submitting your MYO!

Can I buy a MYO of higher rarity? Can I upgrade my slots rarity? Can I upgrade an already approved Gachagon/Bitling design?
Yes, you can! As for upgrading slots, that will only be allowable for slots bought with USD, not our group currency. If you would like to add higher rarity traits to a MYO/pre-existing Gachagon/Bitling, however, you can buy trait stickers here with our group currency!

Is it possible to gift/trade/sell MYO slots?
Yes! You can do so on-site! Information can be found here! However, MYO slots bought with crayons cannot be sold for USD! You can resell them for crayons, though!

What traits can I use with my MYO?
As a general rule of thumb, you are allowed to use any amount of traits from the rarity of your MYO and under! Higher rarity traits/event traits cannot be used for your MYO without additional items. For a Sacred MYO, you can use Sacred traits and below, but you will need additional items to add event traits. Event traits are never allowed for MYOs (without event items) under any circumstance.

How do I transfer an MYO slot and/or a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie?
Please check here!

Can I preplan a Gachagon/Bitling I plan on making but currently do not own a slot for?
Yes, you can! But they cannot be uploaded to the site or anywhere public off-site/Gachagon Toyhou.se world, cannot be used in any art pieces or in-server/on-site drawing game/prompt piece, or anything of the like until approved. You can put them in a “future design/MYO concept(s)” folder on Toyhou.se though, but please keep it private/authorized only!

Can I draw my Gachagon with other CS/non-CS, in different worlds, etc.?
Yes, of course! Just remember, if you'd like to submit it for art redemption, non Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie characters will not be counted!

Do I need to follow the lore/worldbuilding exactly?
No! Personal interpretation/worlds are encouraged if you would like to do something different!

Are (insert colors/markings) okay? Do I need to submit a re-design for changing accessories/changing hairstyles/etc.? (+ similar questions)
We do not trait colors/markings normally, minus eye/gacha ball/gacha fluid traits, so anything besides that is fine! You do not need to submit a redesign for simply changing accessories, but for anything else, yes!

Can we make/redesign designs based off of canon characters? Can we make a pre-existing character into a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie? Do Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie designs need to be exclusively Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie designs?
1. Yes, as long as they aren't direct copies!

2. Yes! However, both versions will have to stay together! If you trade the non-Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie design, the Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie will have to go with it.

3. No! You can have as many versions/other CS versions of your character as you want as long as the other CS allows it, too!

What are Scribblies? How do I get them?
Scribblies are a sub-species of Gachagon made of pure mischievous energy, and so look very different from normal Gachagons! They are imagination and mischief realized into a physical form, and almost appear cartoonish, not often following the normal rules of physics and Gachagon creation. Scribblie MYOs are not normally for sale, but you can get them via in-server/on-site events, prompts, special on-site shopes, adopts, etc.! 

What are the rules of creating a Scribblie?
Scribblies have no traits, thus they can use any and all- even traits unthought of! You can do nearly anything with them! However, they MUST be drawn scribbly, and they MUST resemble Gachagons! (anatomy, gacha pouch/gacha balls, etc.) Examples of approved Scribblies can be found on the character masterlist, by clicking the 'any species' button, selecting 'Scribblies', and clicking search!

What are Gachapanions? What are Gachapanion bonding certificates, and how do I get one?
Gachapanions are a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie-specific pet for your character! They can be anything, as long as they have a pouch with gachaballs, just like regular Gachagons! Here is the Gachapanion masterlist! They also can provide extra rewards, including an extra daily! More information on the Gachapanion-specific prompt will be available soon!

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