NPC + Staff Gachagons


Click the above buttons to view our NPCs and Staff Gachagons! Drawing any of these characters will give you a crayon bonus when submitting to art redemption!

NPCs are free to use Gachagons/Bitlings/Scribblies (for prompts, monthly prompts, gift art, etc.) that are usually mascots or characters that are important to Gachagon lore!

The Gachagon species mascot! Play her gacha with a few spare crayons and see what you'll get!

Pachinko is the Bitling species mascot! He's a Gachagon "gone wrong"— but how can something so wrong be so cute! Just like Creamsicle, give him some acorns and see what'll happen!

Madcap is a fast-paced, loud, chaotic Scribblie. Being a natural-born jester, it loves playing tricks and entertaining other Scribblies and Gachagons alike! Despite being occasionally obnoxious, he's very kind and generally has no ill-will or any problem making new friends, and loves hanging out with whoever will have it. Loves juggling and sour candy!

A Gachagon Keep banker, he's just some guy with a rough job and busy life. His twin brother is Madcap, and they don't really get along. They want to kill each other with bricks.

A part-time mail carrier with a love for big events! You'll most likely see him when there's some fun festivities going on around the keep. He handles prizes, and makes sure everyone has fun!

Archie is a Gachagon with a passion for helping others, and keeping everything up to date, writing down everything you'd need to know about Gachagons and their history! If you need help, he's the #1 Gachagon to go to.

Staff Gachagons are mascots for our individual staff members - species owners, mods, and out permanent guest artists all have one!
While these Gachagons aren't free to use like NPCs, you are still able to get a crayon bonus for drawing them! They may occasionally be seen hosting events.
Current staff Gachagons include: (click tabs to sort by staff rank!)