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Can we make/redesign designs based off of canon characters? Can we make a pre-existing character into a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie? Do Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie designs need to be exclusively Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie designs?
1. Yes, as long as they aren't direct copies!

2. Yes! However, both versions will have to stay together! If you trade the non-Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie design, the Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie will have to go with it.

3. No! You can have as many versions/other CS versions of your character as you want as long as the other CS allows it, too!

What are Scribblies? How do I get them?
Scribblies are a sub-species of Gachagon made of pure mischievous energy, and so look very different from normal Gachagons! They are imagination and mischief realized into a physical form, and almost appear cartoonish, not often following the normal rules of physics and Gachagon creation. Scribblie MYOs are not normally for sale, but you can get them via in-server/on-site events, prompts, special on-site shopes, adopts, etc.! 

What are the rules of creating a Scribblie?
Scribblies have no traits, thus they can use any and all- even traits unthought of! You can do nearly anything with them! However, they MUST be drawn scribbly, and they MUST resemble Gachagons! (anatomy, gacha pouch/gacha balls, etc.) Examples of approved Scribblies can be found on the character masterlist, by clicking the 'any species' button, selecting 'Scribblies', and clicking search!

What are Gachapanions? What are Gachapanion bonding certificates, and how do I get one?
Gachapanions are a Gachagon/Bitling/Scribblie-specific pet for your character! They can be anything, as long as they have a pouch with gachaballs, just like regular Gachagons! Here is the Gachapanion masterlist! They also can provide extra rewards, including an extra daily! More information on the Gachapanion-specific prompt will be available soon!

Can I make Gachagon/Bitlings/Scribblies adopts/customs?
No. Only guest artists (permanent ones), staff, and owners can make adopts/no-slot customs! Anyone can commission or be commissioned to make a custom design for an EXISTING myo slot as long as they stay within rarity constraints! Customs made with no limits can only be made by the staff mentioned previous.

Can I change my Gachagon/Scribblies currency/prize?
Yes! Feel free to submit a design update request anytime to update your Gachagon/Scribblies currency/prize!

What does 'keep species' mean in regards to the Milestone Rewards prompt?
Keep species applies to only Gachagons, Scribblies, and Bitlings. Gachapanions do not fall under that label.